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Dallas, TX business owners reach out to their communities through Elementary Schoolmate, Inc. marketing.

Welcome to Elementary Schoolmate, Inc.

Elementary Schoolmate, Inc. of Dallas, TX, offers complimentary student take-home folders for local elementary schools! By enlisting the support of local business partners, we are able to provide students and teachers with valuable information, while creating a powerful marketing and school advertising tool for local businesses. We are honored to be the publisher of the student take-home folder, supplied to the school, students, and parents at no cost whatsoever!

In addition to our take-home folders, we also offer School Districts a complimentary printing of the official and approved District Calendar on 8 ½-12” full color hard stock print with UV coating. Through the generosity of area sponsors, who display their ad on the Calendar and the participation of local school districts, we are able to keep this win-win program running year after year.

When do children receive their take-home folders? Folders are printed twice a year, once in August for the Fall Semester, and once in January for the Spring Semester. We always ship extras for new move-ins and for use throughout the year. This is done specifically to create a balance in which students, parents, and teachers have access to valuable information about the local community, including camps, classes and courses, events, retailers, services for children and families, and more, without overstepping our boundaries as marketers and advertisers.

The Calendar printing is completed prior to school start each year. Every student, staff member and administrator receives a calendar and there are thousands of extras placed at the Administration Building for the taking.

If you are interested in getting involved in the Elementary Schoolmate, Inc. project, either as an educator or as a local business partner, please contact our Dallas, TX office directly today!